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Werftestrasse 4, 6005 Luzern, Switzerland


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Agent for Benelux Wascosa Rail Cargo

Rody Smal

Agent for Benelux


Wascosa is one of the largest rail freight wagon rental companies in Europe. Based in Lucerne, it was founded in 1964 and is one of the industry pioneers in freight wagon rental. Its core business is the leasing and management of freight wagons for use in rail transportation throughout Europe.

Thanks to investment totalling over 150 million euros annually in an impressive variety of wagon types, Wascosa’s fleet has seen constant growth, allowing the company to serve the needs of the rail transport industry with the most modern freight wagons available. Today, Wascosa has a highly diversified fleet of over 15,000 wagons ranging from tank wagons for the chemical and oil industries to container and pocket wagons for intermodal transport, as well as wagons for transporting bulk goods and for use in infrastructure construction. Wascosa is also home to the highly acclaimed flex freight system® which is a modular wagon concept developed by the company’s own engineers and which is in frequent use across a growing number of product sectors. Wascosa’s biggest customers include petroleum and chemical groups, industrial and logistics companies, but also private and state railway companies. Over 100 employees work from its of