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Rail Cargo Awards 2024

Rail Cargo Awards

Nominate 2024

Nominate a candidate. We have three categories:

Person of the Year

The candidate has an impressive career, excels in motivating their environment and delivering performance. He/she is a figurehead for the sector.

Voting opens soon

Talent of the Year

This candidate excels in creativity and knows how to motivate their environment. They inspire others and generate enthusiasm among the younger generation for the rail sector. The candidate is not older than 35 years.

Voting opens soon

Shipper of the Year

This candidate is enthusiastic about the rail product, knows how to convince colleagues internally, and is a true ambassador towards other industry peers and shippers.

Voting opens soon

Our Procedure

• The Rail Cargo Awards have 4 categories: Talent, Shipper, Person, and Student of the Year;•Candidates must be nominated by sector peers;
• Candidates can be nominated until May 31, 2024.
• In May 2024, the selection committee* will announce the nominated candidates.
• The public can vote for one of the candidates until July 2024.
• The public vote counts for 25%, and the selection committee’s evaluation counts for 75%.


Come to the Rail Argo Awards

The ceremony takes place on September 19. Register now.

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